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Sticky Kicks!


We have come a long way since February 2009 when Sticky Kicks delivered it's first official batch to OC/RC Raceway in Huntington Beach, Ca.


Since that time we have become one of, if not the biggest R/C Tire Compound in the industry and can now be found at the counter in many R/C Tracks around the US of A and now the World.


The most common question we receive is,
"How do I apply Sticky Kicks to my Tires?"


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To help our racers with applying Sticky Kicks we have put together a series of YouTube 'How To' Videos.



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Racers Tips!


MARINATING: For New kicks we suggest saucing them up and then placing them in a Zip-Lock bag or our Tire Tubes and allowing them to marinate over night. This will really allow the sauce to permiate the new rubber and give you amazing traction from the very first run! Give it a shot when you glue up your next set of kicks.



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CLEANER: Sticky Kicks works awesome as a body cleaner as well! Spray a small amount on your shell and then wipe it down with a clean towel. Give it a try and see for yourself.





Watch on Youtube!Sticky Kicks Traction Compound!



SK Formulas!


Sticky Kicks is now available in 6 formulas in order from most aggressive to lowest:


ORANGE (Maximum Highest bite, Extra Aggressive, best on clay asphalt surfaces)


YELLOW (Super High bite, Aggressive, best on clay and asphalt surfaces)


PINK v2 (Higher bite then Blue, Super Aggressive, best on rubber and foam)


BLUE (High Bite, Aggressive, best on clay surfaces)


RED (High Bite, rubber and foam, oval guys dig it, multi-use)


WHITE (Medium Bite, rubber and foam, multi-use)


GREEN (Medium Bite, Multi Use, The Original, popular on Slicks these days)


These suggestions are a basic guideline based on racers feedback.


    Many factors are involved including track conditions, tire choice and compound, even the weather for your region.


    For example, we have many racers that prefer the Red compound even on a high moisture clay track.


    The best best is to try em all to determine which formula best suits your track and driving preference.



Racer Testimonials



"Had a chance to try Sticky Kicks today at my local track. Outdoors with a sandy clay surface.


When the weather is dry, like today, it gets blown/watered between rounds and builds a layer of dust outside as the races go on. I struggle for traction in these conditions and was hoping that Sticky Kicks would help.


I used the Verde on M3 Caliber SCs for Mod Short Course and was hooked up. TQd and won with my Blitz in a mixed field of 2wd and 4wd SC trucks. Looking forward to trying out the other compounds to see how they compare on our track.


Thanks Sticky Kicks for a very good product and excellent service!"


–Greg M
Tampa, FL.

"Just wanted to say this is by far the best compound I have ever used. One big thing I have noticed is that it doesn't wear out the foam inserts.


I have 50 to 60 packs on my gold barcodes and the foams still feel good.


Also love the way it makes the tires squeal through the sweeper and hard turns!


Thanks for a great product."

–Gene Samuels
TurtleTrax Raceway
Cartersville, GA.

"I got to race at a track that I needed some traction additive.


I had my trusty 3 pack of Sticky Kicks with me, and they performed flawless again.


I ended up with 3rd place in the Arkansas State Short Course Championship 4WD race today."

Thanks for the "Sauce" again Sticky Kicks!!


–Tim Dunn

"Tried out your Sticky Kicks Blanco this weekend on my foam tired F1 car.


Medium grip carpet track. Im a believer, stupid traction.


Just sprayed a thin coat on all the tires let it sit,and dobbed off any residue.


Bang, Grip. Stupid grip. I like this stuff."




"We built an indoor off road track and had our first race this past weekend. I ran 2 rounds of qualifying and just cleaned the tires off (simple green).


I did ok in the quals and was looking for more traction. I pulled out Sticky Kicks Red and marinated the tires about 20 minutes before my final qual.


My warm up laps were awesome! I had traction for days. I was able to add 2 laps to my best qual and position myself 3rd in the A Main.

I placed an order for 4 more bottles of Red. This stuff works. No hype. Just results. Thanks again for an awesome product."


–Jason Sneed
Norfolk, Virginia


"Typcially we have used GREEN for wet conditions and RED for dry.


The new WHITE was a great wet track alternative to GREEN and IMO a little better for wet track but as the track dried out RED was still a better choice.


You can run WHITE all the time but it may not produce the best overall performance as track conditions change.


You have to learn how the sauces effect the tires as track conditions change.


This requires some experiementation but with the choices Sticky kicks offers you can optimize your traction to the conditions which is awesome. Kind of like choosing tire compounds!"


–Doug Nielsen

Orange, Ca


"I ordered last week and got the 4 pack.

I am impressed.


I took a set of last years Panther Switch that felt all hard and dry and marinated them for a few days. They feel great. soft and lots of grip. I think it saved me $60 on a new set of tires and rims.

I club race 2 times a week indoor all winter. Alot of people are talking about your product at our track but I am the first I know to try it. Looking forward to trying the different colors as our track changes throughout the month from greasy to almost blue groove."





"I received my order on Friday of the new White formula wow!


Great stuff! Used it Saturday to grab the TQ and 1st place in the 2nd round of our 7th annual Novak Race Series in super stock truck and super stock 4wd buggy.


Thanks Ray and Sticky Kicks."


Team Addiction RC


"Sticky Kicks is the best traction compound I have ever used.


Red and White are dialed at Mikes!"


Plano Texas


"I just ran SK for the first time today.


Going from never running a traction compound to running SK white, I definitely had more traction.


My best lap improved from 23.7 to 23.2 and my best qualifier improved from a 12 5:05 to a 13 5:13.


It was my first time making the A in mod buggy as well. "




















Why not try em' all today and see which formula suits your driving style the best.




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Get ready to OWN the competition!

-Sticky Kicks R&D Team


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